Mysterious Merchant Store

Hello Stranger….

Hello Stranger….

Replacement doll: 5 FXP
-Shatters when you die, leaving you alive

Talisman: 5 FXP
-Shatters when you fail a saving throw, making you pass

Aries Elixir: 5 FXP
-Your next attack is a guaranteed success

Tarot Draw: 5 FXP
-Take a free draw from the tarot

Alter Fate: 5FXP
-Make a single change to your character

Panacea Bottle: 10 FXP
-Drink to heal all status ailments

Miracle Gel: 10 FXP
-Eat to full heal HP and revive.

Hourglass: 20 FXP
-Time stops for the party and everyone can take an extra turn. (no offensive actions allowed)


Steal: 10 FXP

  • Mug: 15 FXP

Throw item: 10 FXP

  • Auto Potion: 15 FXP

Dart: 10 FXP

  • Elemental Edge: 15 FXP

Cover: 10 FXP

  • Refresh: 15 FXP

EX Skill: 10 FXP

  • Arte Skill: 15 FXP

Stay Conscious: 15 FXP

Mysterious Merchant Store

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