The Mysterious Merchant

Hello Stranger...


Dwelling in a strange realm located beyond a blue door, this extra planar figure seems to know more then he lets on. As one who guides others and their fates, he always is willing to sell unique items and abilities to those who have the ability, and the FXP, to unlock them.

Hello Stranger….

Replacement doll: 5 FXP
-Shatters when you die, leaving you alive

Talisman: 5 FXP
-Shatters when you fail a saving throw, making you pass

Aries Elixir: 5 FXP
-Your next attack is a guaranteed success

Tarot Draw: 5 FXP
-Take a free draw from the tarot

Alter Fate: 5FXP
-Make a single change to your character

Panacea Bottle: 10 FXP
-Drink to heal all status ailments

Miracle Gel: 10 FXP
-Eat to full heal HP and revive.

Hourglass: 20 FXP
-Time stops for the party and everyone can take an extra turn. (no offensive actions allowed)


Steal: 10 FXP

  • Mug: 15 FXP

Throw item: 10 FXP

  • Auto Potion: 15 FXP

Dart: 10 FXP

  • Elemental Edge: 15 FXP

Cover: 10 FXP

  • Refresh: 15 FXP

EX Skill: 10 FXP

  • DX Skill: 15 FXP

Stay Conscious: 15 FXP


The Mysterious Merchant

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