Book I: The Cruelty of Heaven

Things look dark in the lands of the Moor Highlands. Several of the Jarls and local kings have started to test the limits of their power. it is only through the sheer determination and strength of High King Erik Jolmur that the confederation of jarldoms are held together and don’t descend into chaos.

But the cold and dark winter of 1460 High King Jolmur meets a sudden and untimely death, leaving only a 12 year old girl as heir. With a full 6 years before the next official Council of Kings the political structure that once held the Highlands together is rent asunder.

Some Jarls call for a new Council to choose a king right away, others say the role should go to his daughter, Eira, some begin to fight for the throne and others simply wish an abolishment of the system completely. By the thaw the Highlands have degenerated into a state of civil war and warring states.

And if things couldn’t get any worse, the terrible winter brought a bad harvest. Famine and disease spreads throughout the highlands and in many states stories of the dead rising from graves spreads like wildfire. It is as if the gods themselves have cursed the Moor Highlands.

Some people pray for forgiveness, others beg the Empire to come to their aid. But the outside world knows they cannot ignore the Highlands.

Many adventurers and mercenaries are drawn to the chaos. The great houses and the guilds send emissaries and mercenaries to try to gain power, stabilize the area, or to profit from the chaos. Whatever the future may hold for the Highlands, it will be decided by both outsider and local alike.


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