Nameless (Baltimore, Anders, Philip, Rheox, Yeomer, Et Al)

Wizard of Questionable Sanity


He is an elderly man of about 55 or 60. He has a long white beard which is tied into a knot at the end. He shaves his head bald, but is often wearing a wide flat-topped hat that matches the color of his robe. His eyes are cool, grey green. He has one set of clothes, which are: a pair of grey trousers, a laced neck shirt, and a monks grey robe. All of these articles were purchased, from a local monastery after his accident (he awoke with no clothes). To any bothering to notice him, he looks like an ascetic or a monk, not a learned sage or wizard.


He has no name. He has a ledger book that he carries with him along with his spell book. Within it is the name of every person he has ever met, and some he made up. Some years ago he was in an accident involving an oxcart and an apothecary’s wagon. Ever since he has had acute amnesia only having to do with personal details. He cannot remember anything about his past life save that he is a wizard. His skills remain intact, but all personal information is not forthcoming. He writes the names down in the ledger, and each day tries them out, only to be discarded the next day if they don’t return his memory.

In absence of his true identity, or maybe because of it he has turned fully toward the worship of the Great Old Ones. When his mind’s eye wanders the great voided expanse and a particle of a mote of a sliver of consciousness returns interest, his insignificant life and the lives of all others on Gaia assume their true place in the cosmos, ants underfoot.

Nameless (Baltimore, Anders, Philip, Rheox, Yeomer, Et Al)

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