Chapter 2: Echoes of War

What comes of a village when their men are called to war?

After gathering supplies and resting in Helemborg, the party began their week long march to Hadur, a city located outside the Bladewood, where the foul hag Dybbak is known to lair.

Along their way they were told to bring Angus back to his druid’s grove. Driven mad by whatever spirit he released, the poor druid continued to babble nonsense about snakes, and serpents, and about how he was sorry and how the roots were being gnawed.

After arriving at the grove they met Angus’ brother, Seamus. Seamus thanked them for taking care of his brother, and after hearing of the foul had decided to journey along with them. Everyone stayed the night at the grove and then moved on towards Hadur.

As they approached the town they came upon a grisly sight. A frozen battlefield from last winter, the corpses of human and orc alike now finally emerging from the permafrost due to the thaw. Before they even had a chance to take hold of the scene, the bodies began to animate as draugr, corrupted by the blighted blood of the orcs.

The group trudges down to Hadur to find it in ruins. They slay a few orcs that seem to be searching for something and find a young girl there. She explains that a few months ago the orcs came and raided, killing mostly everyone. But she mentioned that some others managed to escape and she was just looking for food. The party left the town to take the girl back to their mountain valley respite.

There they met Baya, an old healer woman. She told them that the local Jarl ordered most of the able bodied men to his army to help in the upcoming civil war. Left undefended, orcs raided from the mountain caves, slaughtering mostly everyone. Baya managed to escape with a few dozen children, but they were running very low on food and supplies. Knowing the orc menace had to be dealt with, the party tracked the orcs back to their cave.

Though a difficult fight, the party was abel to clear the caves or orcs. They discovered that the orcs were drinking Orc Blood Wine, which gave them a raging brutality. And also that the wine seemed bear the same hag mark that was on the priest in Helemborg. The mark of Dybbak. It would seem that her reach lies farther then just pursuing her grand daughter.


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